In a truly excellent post, @Patsmc (known as Patricia McDonald, Head of Digital Strategy CHI & Partners in London to her Mum and others) discusses how the digital space might offer an excellent opportunity to redefine and recast marketing.

Oooohhh…music to my ears!

One of the more memorable passages goes like this:

The simple act of digitizing products in itself of course radically disruptive, moving industries wholesale from an age of scarcity to an age of abundance by dramatically reducing barriers to creating, copying, selling and sharing content. However, if there’s a particular thread that is most potently disruptive to the status quo, for me that thread is social media. It’s the power of the social web that helps us create new products and utilities like British Airways’ Metrotwin, create social distribution models like ASOS Marketplace or AirBNB or create group-funded projects or group fuelled discounts like Groupon or Kickstarter.

Read it now, it’s fantastic.